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Empire Earth, The classic RTS game that gives you real time strategy through the ages of different civilizations. You may start in the Prehistoric age, with primitive tools and soldiers such as club men, and then advancing through the ages to the Dark Ages, with cavalry and spear men, and eventually moving up into the Renaissance Age, using your new technology: the rifle. If this isn't your cup of tea, you could even play in the future! With the Digital and Nano Ages, Robotic warfare is now a possiblity! All in all, there are 13 Ages, spanning over 500,000 years of history! If warfare seems too violent to you, economy, or eco, management is the alternative! Gather resources such as stone, wood, iron, and gold to build your empire! Try Empire Earth today by going to and find out more!


  1. Prehistoric Age
  2. Stone Age
  3. Copper Age
  4. Bronze Age
  5. Dark Age
  6. Middle Ages
  7. Renaissance
  8. Imperial Age
  9. Industrial Age
  10. Atomic - WW 1
  11. Atomic - WW 2
  12. Atomic - Modern Age
  13. Digital Age
  14. Nano Age


On November 3, 2008 at approximately 19:00 UTC, the WON servers dedicated to the Empire Earth and Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest online game play system, were permanently shut down by Activision.


Thanks to Nukin Futs, the Save-EE Lobby was developed. This lobby is alternative to using the WON lobby servers. Through the use of the Direct Connect and the Save-EE Lobby, players are now able to host games and still play together without the original servers.