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Austria is one of the default civilizations in Empire Earth and AoC, listed under the Middle Ages to Industrial Age time period.

List of bonuses

Special Powers (AoC Only)

  • Adaptation (Epochs: 3-15)

Cavalry - Sword

  • 20% Armor
  • 25% Attack
  • 20% Speed

Citizens & Fishing Boats

  • 30% Attack
  • 20% Cost Reduction

Civ - Economy

  • 20% Hunting and Foraging

Civ - General

  • 50% Conversion Resistance

Field Cannon & Anti-Tank Guns

  • 20% Armor
  • 30% Build Time Decrease
  • 25% Hit Points

Infantry - Spear (Melee)

  • 25% Attack
  • 20% Hit Points
  • 20% Speed

Common strategies


Austria is "the" civilization for Prehistoric to Copper and is actually a very versatile civilization up through Atomic Age - World War II. In Modern and later, Great Britain becomes a much better choice since it is better suited for the time period.

Some points of interest:

  • Cheap citizens and hunting allow for a quick and strong boom in any age
  • Having a strong economy allows you to counter quickly and easily
  • In Prehistoric Age it is best to go to Stone Age quickly and make Spearmen, because with your bonuses they will be the strongest unit in that age
  • In Copper Age you can start with either Spearmen or Horsemen
  • In Bronze Age, Assyrian Empire does not have a good counter to your Horsemen, but your Horsemen will not be strong enough to overrun their Chariot Archers; quickly get to Dark Age for the Cataphract upgrade and a huge advantage
  • If you start with Horsemen in Copper Age then reach Bronze Age, adding War Elephants to your army of Horsemen can turn the tide of a game
  • Your Infantry - Spear (Melee) bonuses also make for a formidable Halberdier rush in Imperial Age
  • In Renaissance, Imperial Age, and Industrial Age, Austria makes for a good 1v1 civilization because you can build a strong Gun Infantry and Sword Cavalry combo
  • Cavalry - Sword is available from Copper to Industrial (half of the epochs), and are extremely powerful with your bonuses
  • Anti-tank gun bonuses are good for WW1 and WW2 games when at pocket, along with a strong boom