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Covert Ops (clan tag «{Co}») is a clan whose current leaders are Sexanoobiner, Noober Die, and DJ (Douchbag Jenkins).

This mighty clan was established in times immemorial to fight off the arrogant AI clan and ZoS (Zone of Symbols) noobs.

«{Co}» is one of the few remaining real clans that haven't been destroyed by a former symbols trickster or other various retards from within. Their primary set is Pre 2 Space and occasionally Pre 2 Nano and even more rarely Mid SH and Mod TL.

The clan's general policy is to not allow pathetic douche-bag ten year-olds in but exceptions, like Jossos, were made in the past but short lived.

Part of the reason why this clan has survived is the maturity and inuring bond built up through many years of playing together.

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