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Game speed is a setting for all game types in Empire Earth. In random map games, the host can select the starting game speed and choose to lock the speed if he wishes. If the game speed is not locked, the plus "+" and minus "-" keys can be used to increase or decrease the game speed. Current game speed can be displayed using the "F11" key.

Speed settings

Each game speed setting is a ratio to real time. For example, to get the real-time, divide the game-time by the game speed.

  • 0.50 (Very Slow - Note: cannot be selected in pre-game settings)
  • 1.00 (Slow)
  • 1.50 (Standard)
  • 2.00 (Fast)
  • 2.50 (Very Fast)


F11 is a button on the keyboard that toggles between the display of game-time & game speed, frames per second (FPS), or off. The display of that information appears as a small box in the upper right of the screen on the title bar.

"F11" commonly translates to simply "game-time" or "no rush until game-time" when in a game title. For example, F11 20 refers to game-time 20 minutes (00:20:00). When the game is set to "very fast" game speed, it is 2.50 times the speed of real-time (i.e. F11 30 is equal to 12 real minutes). If a game title is, for example, "Mid SH F11 20" then it means it is a Mid SH game with the rule "no attacking until 20 minutes game-time."