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Stats - All Epochs

  • Hit Points: 1000
  • Attack: -
  • Range: 7
  • LOS: 2
  • Cost: 50 Stone, 225 Wood
  • Build Time: 100 Seconds
  • Hotkey: Y
  • Size: 2 x 2
  • Upgrade Cost: -
  • Upgrade Time: -


A Temple is a building you can build to produce Priests and Prophets and to protect yourself from enemy Prophet powers. Players who attempt to use a Prophet's power will have a icon of a shield with a lightning symbol over their mouse, preventing them from using it.

An interesting fact is that your own prophets are semi-immune from your Temple's influence, they may use powers but it'll to do harm to you, but it will harm hostile players, so you can safely use prophets in the event of your base getting attacked. Allys are still restricted from using Prophets.