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A Hero is a unit type that increases either a unit's morale or can demoralize enemies and heal your own soldiers. There are two types of heroes: Warrior and Strategist. The Warrior is responsible for increasing morale, and the Strategist is capable of healing your soldiers while demoralizing the enemy. However, only one of these heroes can be used at a time.

For example:

  • If you choose the Warrior Hero Dennis St. Albans (Atomic Age - Modern), he will increase your units' morale by 5 bars (50% damage resistance).
  • If you choose the Strategist Hero R.W. Bresden (Atomic Age - Modern), he can heal wounded units (one at a time), and can decrease your enemies' morale with the special ability, Battle Cry.

If your hero dies, you can choose to train a new one at the capitol.