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Morale in action. The hero on the bottom right is giving nearby units five bars of morale.

Morale is one of the many elements of Empire Earth. Morale allows a unit to withstand more damage by reducing the percentage of damage the unit takes, therefore lasting longer in battle.

Building Morale

To give your units morale, you can do one of two things.

  1. Build some houses near a Town Center (TC)/Capitol (Capitols provide two bars more than TCs)
  2. Create a warrior hero

Range of Morale

The range of Morale is as far as the range of the capitol/TC (the moving line when you select your capitol or TC). Houses must be build within the range to acquire morale.

If using a hero, the units must stand nearby.


Morale makes your units harder to kill because it reduces damage they take. If they have one point of morale (indicated by the number of green dots surrounding the unit) they would take 10% less damage from all damage. Most units benefit from morale.

Towers can also gain a fixed morale bonus of 5 bars. Towers don't require houses to gain morale -- they simply need to be within range of a TC or Capitol.

The game variant can change the amount of morale a unit can gain from houses, as Tournament will allow less morale from houses. In Tournament variant, TCs provide a maximum of 2 bars, and Capitols a maximum of 4. In Standard variant, the maximums are 4 and 6, respectively.


Morale makes it easier to defend a base as the defenders will have the upper-hand when combating the attackers. However, the attacker can bring a warrior hero, giving morale to their own troops. It is also common practice to build "forward" TCs or Capitols and houses to extend morale, since warrior heroes can only cover a limited area.