Holding the Line

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Holding the Line (also known as Hold the Line, or simple HTL), is a Scenario, in which players are tasked to defend the 'line' near the Northeastern corner of the map, from computer units rushing to the line. The players are given gold as a currency to buy units at a store, on the corner of the map, to aid in defending the line. Most versions will allow the players to build towers/pillboxes, and some versions let them build walls.

Scenario Information

Players: 6

Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Cyan

Teams: All vs Computer

Object: Defend the line from rushing units.

Abbreviations: HTL

Original Creator: Wind

Goal for the players

The object of this is to survive waves of computers rushing at the line, as a computer crosses the line, they die, and you lose one (1) food resource, somewhat like a lives counter. When the players lose all of their food, that player will lose the game, and the other players will continue to defend the line. The game will end when...

They defeat the last wave.

Or all of them lose all of their food, and lose.

Before the computers begin rushing to the line, the players will have some time to buy units, such as the Zeus robot, the Command Unit, Snipers, and even Simple Bowmen (They help a lot during the 'stampede' wave). The players will be given more gold as they kill the computer units After the game officially begins, the computers will rush to the line, the players will use their units at strategic positions to kill the computer units before they reach the line. The first few units are easy to kill, as they die from one hit with mostly anything, as the game goes on, the units get harder to kill, and in some rounds, they try to kill the players' units and buildings. There are about two rounds that a lot of deer will come out and run to the line, this is called the stampede wave, some beginners fall at this wave, due to the deer outrunning the rockets. There are sixty (60) waves total in the standard HtL, with the last one a giant boss.


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