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A Scenario (or Scen for short) is a custom game map created by users via the Scenario Editor. They usually have a unique goal, such as guarding a line from invaders (Holding the Line), Powering up your units with resources and killing the opposing team (Warrior series), and working cooperatively to destroy the evil in the futuristic era (Eternal Darkness series).

Popular Scenarios

Holding the Line
Cat and Mouse

Creating a Scenario

To make a successful scenario (as in, one which works with Multiplayer), you'll need one of two things.

1. A pre-existing scenario

2. A fresh Template (recommended)

If using a pre-existing scenario: First convert your save-game scenario into a .scn file by renaming the extension in it's folder in the C:/Sierra/Empire Earth/data/Saved Games folder (scn. and .ees are interchangeable), Then move your scn. folder to Scenarios When finished, Run Empire Earth, then navigate to the Scenario Editor. When it starts, load your pre-existing scenario, then when it's loaded, go to your Triggers tab, and delete everything there (You won't need it, as you'll add your own later). Then you will want to refresh the map. Click on the globe icon and choose the parameters you want. You are now ready to add whatever you wish. When finished, save your new scenario under a new name (such as MyScenario.scn). Then go into your EE folder under Scenarios, find your scenario, then rename the extension into an .ees format, then move into your Saved Games folder. Start Empire Earth again, host a game, load your scenario, and have a friend join so you can test it. If the scenario loads normally, congratulations, you just made a scenario. If it gives you an error, you probably did one of these things.

You changed the player names You cannot change the player names, ever! Say the player names are Blue, Red, Green, and so on, if you change it to One, Two, Three, or anything else, it won't work at all...

You didn't use a pre-existing Scenario Not using a pre-existing scenario, and just making something from the Scenario editor will not work with Multiplayer.

If using a Template: Very simpler to the above, if your template is in ees. format, convert it to scn., then run EE, go to the Scen Editor. Open your template, and your ready to work. When finished, save, then convert to .ees, load Multiplayer, get a friend to join, load the map, success... refer to above if you get any errors.

An example Template for AOC - 4 player template (colors)

note: The above is a guide on making a basic map to get a grip on Scen making, commonly called your 'first scen', However, the first parts of the guide have to be used every time you start a new scenario.