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Note: This page is for the first version of Cat and Mouse, for information on the series, refer to Cat and Mouse Series

Cat and Mouse (also known as C+M,C&M,CM) is a six-player Scenario, which pits five "mice" against one "cat".


Each mouse player starts with six citizens (mice) and maximum resources. The mice may build Towers, walls, houses (serve as watch-towers - increased line of sight), Anti Air, and barracks. The Cat player must wait until f11 5 to move his units. This allows for the mice players to get a head start to build.

Scenario Information

Players: 6


Teams: 1v5

Goal: 3+ mice must survive until f11 60

Original Creator: killerkid7

The goal

The Cat's object is to hunt down the mice with his powerful units, making sure his units don't die from a swarm of five mice. The Cat will have a set of Command units, as well as other cybers, however they won't get replaced if they die.

The goal for the mice is to survive until f11 60, protecting themselves with towers and buildings, as well as making attack units to stall the cat. The mice may build houses (called Outposts in the scen) for a Line of Sight boost, they can build towers to attack the cat, which is very effective in groups. The mice may also build barracks to spawn 'distraction' units to stall the cat. The mice may also build walls and Anti Air The mice have six citizens, when two of them die, the owner of the citizens killed will lose, however they respawn with 'super mice', which cannot be killed, to assist the other mice.

The Cat wins if...

He kills all the mice before f11 60

The Mice win if...

At least one survives f11 60... or

The mice kill all the cat units