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The Space Age is the fifteenth epoch which is only available in the Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest expansion. This epoch allows the player to travel through space using the space maps only available for the Art of Conquest expansion. Gameplay in space is similar to naval gameplay.

Very few units from the Nano Age receive upgrades, so in land-only or water based maps the benefits of epoching are limited. The most notable benefits are the ability to build a Teleporter and research Robotic Farms, which automatically gather food. Robotic Farms allow you to reassign your citizens to other resources or simply store them in a Fortress for additional population room.


In addition to Nano Age buildings:

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In addition to Nano Age units:

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  • Quantum Theology: Increase Prophet Recharge Rate
  • Faith Healing: Increase Priest HP


  • Zero-G Engineer: Increase Space Dock Heal Rate