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Tower - Primitive; first available in the Prehistoric Age

The Tower is the first defensive building available to the player and can be built in any age. The Tower is an effective building in that it provides a relatively long line of sight and range, and is stronger than most military units, thus providing good defense. From the Stone Age onward, towers becomes vulnerable to siege units, namely the Sampson, and eventually units like Catapults and Artillery.


Throughout the epochs, tower upgrades can be researched at a Capitol or Town Center (along with Walls) for varying amounts of stone. These upgrades provide additional attack and hit points, and some times range.

  1. Tower - Primitive (Epochs 1+)
  2. Tower - Copper (Epochs 3+)
  3. Tower - Bronze (Epochs 4+)
  4. Tower - Medieval (Epochs 6+)
  5. Tower - Imperial (Epochs 8+)
  6. Tower - Concrete (Epochs 10+)
  7. Tower - Laser (Epochs 13+)
  8. Tower - Space (Epoch 15, AoC Only)


In the Art of Conquest expansion, Tower - Palisade becomes available in the Copper Age and can be built in any epoch afterwards. Palisade walls and towers cost wood, rather than stone, and can be built in addition to normal walls and towers. Palisades are much weaker than normal counterparts and there is no specific research for them.


Towers can gain a five-bar morale bonus when within range of a Capitol or Town Center. This causes them to take 50% less damage from attackers.

For more information on morale, see the main article: Morale

Game Variant

In Standard game variant, towers have a base cost of 175 stone (148, reduced). In Tournament, tower cost is 210 stone (178, reduced).

For a full list of differences in game variant, see the main article: Game variant