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An Epoch is a unit of time. In Empire Earth, it is a state when a player has access to certain units, buildings, and technology. There are 14 epochs in Empire Earth, starting from the Prehistoric Age and extending to the Nano Age. The Art of Conquest expansion adds a 15th epoch, the Space Age.

Going from one epoch to the next in game requires the player to make two buildings and also accumulate a certain amount of resources, depending on the game variant and the starting age. After advancing an epoch, you can upgrade certain units to better, more advanced units.

List of epochs

  1. Prehistoric Age
  2. Stone Age
  3. Copper Age
  4. Bronze Age
  5. Dark Age
  6. Middle Ages
  7. Renaissance
  8. Imperial Age
  9. Industrial Age
  10. Atomic Age - World War I (WW1)
  11. Atomic Age - World War II (WW2)
  12. Atomic Age - Modern
  13. Digital Age
  14. Nano Age
  15. Space Age (AoC Only)