Legal glitches

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Legal glitches are bugs in the game that players can exploit in multiplayer without consequence from a Save-EE Moderator or Admin.

From the Save-EE Terms of Use (ToU)

   *Multiple heroes
   *Farm scanning
   *Group speed
   *Infinite Fanaticism
   *Infinite flight time (fuel)
   *Planes through space
   *Engineer mining

The following above are legal glitches which players may use to their advantage. The reason they are legal is usually because:

  1. the work required to perform the glitch offsets the advantage, or even makes using the glitch inadvisable (multiple heroes, infinite Fanaticism/fuel).
  2. it's harmless (planes through space, farm scanning, group speed)
  3. it can only be used in certain conditions (Engineer mining).

Some players frown upon using certain legal glitches, most notably multiple heroes and Engineer mining, however Engineers can only be used in scenarios allowed to spawn them.

Illegal glitches are glitches that you can get punished for using in a multiplayer game. For obvious reasons, this Wiki will not explain how to perform them.